Welcome to the Stevenage Lytton Players Previous Youth Productions page. Here you will find  a list of previous Lytton Youth Theatre Productions, plus a link to more details where available.  

When Production
March 2019 Wind In The Willows
July & August 2018 Apocalypse Cow 2018
March 2018 Fantastic Mr Fox
October 2017 Apocalypse Cow
March 2017 James and the Giant Peach
March 2016 Hackback
August 2015 A Duck, A Thumb, A Fish & A Match
August 2014 1984 at The Fringe
July 2014 Joseph
February 2014 George Orwell's 1984
July 2013 Beasts & Beauties
September 2012 Hammer High Go To The Finals In Transylvania
July 2011 Alice's Looking Glass War
December 2010 Alice's Adventure
February 2010 Once Upon A Time
June 2009 Roald Double Bill
July 2008 A Clockwork Orange
June 2008 The Show With No Name
June 2007 Bugsy Malone
July 2006 PennyWhistle Paradise
March 2006 Antigone
July 2005 Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
February 2005 Grimm Tales
September 2004 Now Lets Not Be Silly
June/July 2004 Three in One
July 2003 Hackback
February 2003 Animal Crackers*
March 2002 The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew
February 2002 Shadows*
February 2001 A Ring of Roses
June 2000 Panda*
March 2000 Friends, Relatives & Other Animals*
August 1999 Little Shop of Horrors
June 1998 Son of The Mechano*
February 1994 Ms Anastasia's School of Fame*
July 1993 Time and Time Again
July 1991 West Side Story
June 1991 Angles of Conflict*
July 1990 Bugsy Malone
July 1989 Grease

* Compilation show containing acts from multiple sources