The Stevenage Lytton Players performed Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett from October 31st to November 3rd 2001.  For anyone who is already a fan of Terry Pratchett, no explanation or introduction is necessary for this play.  For newcomers to this author's ingenious wit and sense of humour, some notes may help you get to grips with the subject.  The play takes place mostly in the small kingdom of Lancre, situated in the Ramtop Mountains on a planet known as the Discworld.  It is not a sphere as our planet Earth, but is shaped like a plate, or disc.  It is carried on the back of four gigantic elephants; these in turn stand on the back of a vast turtle, which is swimming slowly through space. The Discworld does not have a magnetic field, but does have a MAGICAL field, which is probably the cause of the many unusual phenomena that occur there.  This play alludes loosely to that Shakespearean Scottish play that we don't mention the name of!  The "Wyrd Sisters" of the title are in fact village Witches, or wise women, who watch over the welfare of their fellow villagers, and are highly respected by them.  They are adept at healing ailments, midwifery, matchmaking, and at solving problems using, in Granny Weatherwax's terms "Headology"!  They get by without using real magic - unless they have to.  At the start of this play, there has been an uprising; the old King Verence is dead and the throne has been taken over by Duke Felmet, with assistance or should I say interference from his wife the Duchess. The Witches try to avoid politics as much as possible, but even they can't help getting dragged in when the planet itself decides to include them!