All actors must be over the age of 18 at the time of the production as some scenes contain mature content.

Alice: (age 18 – 30) – A young, single mother with loose morals.
Man: (age 25-35) – A predatory man who has relations with Alice, might be the devil.
Joan: (age 35 – 105) – Alice’s mother, a vile, alcoholic woman who terrorises her neighbours.
Susan: (age 18 – 30) – Alice’s best friend, a nervous woman who regrets her life decisions.
Ellen: (age 30 – 105) – A herbologist who is accused of being a witch.
Betty: (age 18 – 25) – A young woman who is tortured and is a captive in her own home because she does not want to get married.
Jack: (age 30 – 60) – A fiery, short tempered farmer who is brutish and aggressive.
Margery: (age 30 – 60) – Jack’s long-suffering wife who is paranoid about Joan and is prone to panick attacks.
Doctor: (any age or gender) – An androgenous figure who is responsible for torturing and bleeding Betty.
Packer: ( age 25+) – A male witch hunter with an aggressive and persistent nature.
Goody: (age 25+) – Assistant to Packer, can be male or female.
Kramer and Sprenger: (any age or gender) – A double act who talk to the audience at the end of the show and summarise it in a comical fashion. They also play the executioners near the end of the play.