The societies usual leading man. Extrovert, effeminate, desperate to play Curley in Oklahoma before his impending 40th birthday. So playing age must be 39.

Sister of Roz, suffered loss of confidence following a disastrous performance as the lead in the previous production of Calamity Jan (there was a printing error on the poster). Gets progressively more inebriated as the evening progresses. Flirts outrageously with all men especially Teddy. Playing age 35 to 50

Society choreographer - “I create – others dance”, whose aim in life is to do West Side Story and who complains constantly that it is never chosen. Playing age 30 to 60

Society Treasurer and worried sick that the Society is in debt. Playing age over 30.

Married to Nick, hostess of the party. Playing age 30 to 55, must be a couple with Nick and sister to Joyce.

Attractive budding new performer who, it is suggested, is “encouraging” Nick in order to secure the part of Gigi in the next show. Playing age 20’s

Married to, but separated from, Deidre and in a depressed and suicidal state. Morose and boring. Playing age 40 to 55.

Society business manager/director who decides which show is performed and who plays which part. Married to Roz. Playing age 40 to 55

Estranged wife of Derek. Has been set up by her mother on a date with Eddie, who she hates. Playing age 35 to 50

Weird! TV addict, bore, no sense of humour. Small part with possibilities. Playing age 40 to 60