The Stevenage Lytton Players

The Graduate
26th November - 29th November 2008
The Lytton Theatre Stevenage
Director - Maxine Holmes

Box Office:   0870 777 7619

The Stevenage Lytton Players Autumn 2008 Drama Production was The Graduate performed at the Lytton Theatre.

Based on the novel and the film of the same name.

The play explores the life of twenty-year-old Benjamin Braddock shortly after earning his bachelor's degree from an unnamed university in the Northeast. The play starts at a party celebrating his graduation at his parents' house in suburban Los Angeles. Benjamin is visibly uncomfortable about the party attended by mostly his parents' friends. He remains aloof in his room while his parents deliver accolades and neighbourhood friends ask about his future plans. One family friend, Mrs. Robinson comes to his room. Once inside, she exposes herself to him and offers to have an affair with him. This scene, known as the "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me" scene, as said by Benjamin, is said to be one of the most iconic scenes in the play. Initially flustered, he is immediately shocked by her advances A few days later he calls her and their affair begins.

Benjamin is clearly uncomfortable with sexuality, but he is drawn into the affair with the older, but still attractive, Mrs. Robinson. Their affair appears to last most of the summer. Meanwhile Benjamin is hounded by his father to select a graduate school to attend. Benjamin, clearly not interested in pursuing his studies, shrugs off his father's wishes and spends his time lounging and sleeping with Mrs. Robinson. His affair may serve as an escape from his lack of direction or ambition.

Mr. Robinson, unaware of his wife's budding affair, encourages Benjamin to call his daughter, Elaine. Benjamin's parents also repeatedly encourage him to date her. During one liaison, Mrs. Robinson extracts a promise from Ben to never date Elaine. Sensing that getting involved with the daughter of his lover could be disastrous, he tries to avoid it. However, because of the three parents' persistent intervention, he is essentially forced to date her. Therefore, he tries to ensure his date with her will be a disaster so she would not want to pursue a relationship with him. He takes her to a seedy club where she is openly offended. After she storms out of the establishment, he is overcome with guilt and pursues her and apologises.

What follows is a relationship with the young Robinson, exactly what Benjamin (and Mrs. Robinson) were trying to avoid. From here, Benjamin's life falls apart. His affair is discovered and, although he follows Elaine to the University of California, Berkeley, where she is a student, he is barred from seeing Elaine any further. She proceeds to become engaged to another man - one her parents find acceptable.

At the end of the play, Benjamin undertakes a desperate drive to somehow head off Elaine's wedding. After a violent struggle with Elaine's parents and wedding guests Ben and Elaine escape.

Setting the Play – California – 1960’s.

The play has various settings, mainly 4 different bedrooms which will be set on the stage. These will have subtle changes to depict the various bedrooms. All other scenes will be played in front of curtain with possibly an extra extension (not yet confirmed). I will be using the great soundtrack from the film between scene changes, music mainly by Simon and Garfunkel.

Read Throughs

Audition Pieces will be available on both evenings.


If successful you will be asked to purchase the script at a cost of £7.00 - £8.00. (except for minor characters). We will start rehearsals in Aug/Sept however I may start earlier with the characters of Mrs Robinson and Ben.

Any questions please email Maxine on maxipuss258@hotmail.co.uk