Please note: All characters need an American Accent (Californian).

Ben Braddock – 20 year old student. Will need to be scantily clad and simulate sex scenes with Mrs Robinson – please be Aware. Principal role – loads to learn.

Mr Braddock – Ben's Father, Successful businessman. Proud of his son and keen for him to pursue his studies and make something of himself in business. Principal role

Mrs Braddock - Ben's Mother – typical homely American mother, very proud of her son. As no other children are mentioned we can assume Ben is an only child. Mrs B is a medium sized role, pops in and out throughout the play.

Mrs Robinson – The wife of Ben’s father’s business partner, glamorous, alcoholic, middle aged woman. The character will need be scantily clad and simulate sex in some scenes with the character Ben, so please be aware of this. Principal role – loads to learn.

Mr Robinson – Life long friend and business partner of Mr Braddock, known Ben since he was a child. Husband of Mrs Robinson. Medium sized role Appears throughout the play.

Elaine Robinson – Age 18 – 20, the all American girl, very sweet and naïve. Adored by her father and hasn’t really made any major decisions in her life. Principal role

The Exotic Dancer – Will need to wear a skimpy costume possibly with tassels in the appropriate places! Will consider using fans or boas, will obviously discuss this with anyone who would like to audition. The character has to perform a dance and does have a few lines.

Desk Clerk/Psychiatrist/Priest/Man in Club. These are combined as they are all relatively minor characters, but do have lines.