A Selection of Photographs from the Production


Oh Charlie !



Hey look everybody - there's a girl drowning in that lake !



Tell me Officer honestly - do you really think this 'Wet Look' suits me ?



OK girls lets get dolled up - we've got a hard night ahead !




Do you wanna have fun !




Rich Man's Frug ...



... and Rich Man's Rug.



Oh! Vittorio - is there somebody hiding in the closet ?.



There's gotta be something better than this!



Daddy Tootin' on his trumpet whilst his assistants do their own separate things !



Praise be to Daddy ! - Why ! Why ! Why !



OK Ladies ! - Get your Ass out there on that floor right now !



Hey Mister Try Me - I look cute !



I love to sing high at weddings !



Charity had hoped to get an 'Oscar' for her performance - but looks like he's just not interested !



Ah well - that didn't work out too good.  Guess I'll just have to try again.