SWEENEY TODD - Morose and brooding, a barber by profession, newly arrived in London after 15 years unjust incarceration in a penal colony. Must at least look forty years old - if not older. Not only needs to be a strong singer, must be a strong actor as well. Can't be nervous of heights.   BARITONE/BASS

MRS LOVETT - A cheery, chatty but wholly amoral shopkeeper whose premises and pies are coated in dust and plagued by flies. She would like to be more than merely a landlady to Mr Todd. Again, as with Sweeney needs to be a strong singer and strong actor and cannot be nervous of heights. Needs to look as old as Sweeney, if not slightly older.  ALTO

ANTHONY HOPE - A young man, befriended Todd on the voyage home, falls in love with Johanna. Can't be nervous of heights. 16 to late 20's.  HIGH BARITONE

JOHANNA - A beautiful girl, Todd's daughter but now claimed by Judge Turpin as his own. Falls in love with Anthony. Can't be nervous of heights. 16 to late 20's. - she is supposed to be 16.  SOPRANO

JUDGE TURPIN - A corrupt, perverted and depraved official. Upholder of justice who twists the system to serve his own means. In perverse lust with Johanna his ward. Will have to do some pretty gross things on stage, including semi-nudity. Can't be nervous of heights. 30's to 50's.  BASS

BEADLE BAMPFORD - Turpin's accomplice in his crimes. Can't be nervous of heights. Slightly younger than Turpin.  VERY HIGH BARITONE

BEGGAR WOMAN - A mad old crone with a filthy tongue, whose cries go unheeded.  She ends up being Todd's wife. Would like same person to play wife in "flash back" scene if practical. Beggar woman will be covered in bandages and rags, a bit like "The Darkman". Mid 20's to late 30's.  MEZZO SOPRANO

PIRELLI - An Italian barber, though of unauthenticated provenance. Can't be nervous of heights. Late 20's late 30's.  VERY HIGH BARITONE

TOBIAS RAGG - A simple, kind-hearted lad. He works first for Pirelli, then for Mrs. Lovett, but never trusts Todd. 18 to late 30's.  TENOR

JONAS FOGG - Runs the asylum Johanna is placed in - non singing role. May be cast from Chorus.

CHORUS - Other character parts Customers, Citizens, Asylum Inmates, Party Guests, etc Some of the chorus numbers give a opportunity for solo, duet and group singing by the chorus. A challenge for a chorus in both singing and acting!