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Steel Magnolias
By Robert Harling

24th to 27th Sept 2003

The Lytton Theatre Stevenage

A Touching and Hilarious play performed to perfection by a talented Cast.

Directed by Roger Brown.

Producer David Slade

The Stevenage Lytton Players Autumn 2003 Drama Production was Steel Magnolias  performed at the Lytton Theatre.


Set in the 1980ís all the action of the play takes place in Truvyís beauty shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana, and revolves around the lives and gossip of the six women.  It is both poignant and funny.  The women are witty, intelligent and above all, real characters.  They are not meant to be portrayed as cartoons or caricatures.

Act I Scene 1 April The women are having their hair done for Shelbyís wedding.  Shelby is diabetic and becomes ďhypoĒ. We are told that she must not have any children.

Scene 2 December Itís the Saturday before Christmas.  Shelby tells MíLynn that she is pregnant against the doctorís advice.  Annelle has discovered handicrafts and Jesus.  Clairee has bought the local radio station, and Ouiser is mad with everyone as usual.

Act II Scene 1 June, eighteen months later Shelby is having her hair cut short.  Annelle is even more into religion.  We learn that Shelbyís kidneys have failed and that MíLynn is going to donate one of her kidneys.

Scene 2 November Itís unusually cold. Annelle is pregnant, Clairee has just returned from France and doesnít know that Shelby has died.  MíLynn tells everyone what happened, but as usual the spell is broken by Clairee and Ouiser fooling around.  Annelle decides her baby will be called Shelby.