TRUVY JONES- Owner of the beauty shop; 40ish. ”Built for comfort not for speed” Pulls everything together during the action.

ANNELLE DUPUY-DESOTO - Beauty shop assistant; 19-25. Unhappily married finds God and a new life.

CLAIREE BELCHER - Widow of the former mayor, grande dame; 66ish Loves football and buys the local radio station.

SHELBY EATENTON-LATCHERIE - Prettiest girl in town; 25 Headstrong, determined and diabetic.

M’LYNN EATENTON - Shelby’s mother, socially prominent career woman; 50ish As strong as her daughter, determined to do what she can to see that Shelby has a “normal” life.

OUISER BOUDREAUX - (Pronounced “Weezer”) Wealthy curmudgeon, acerbic but lovable; 66ish. Always has a smart answer, very quick witted and looking for affection even if she doesn’t know it.

These ages are guidelines only. The characters need to look right together. The southern States accent is very important.