Stags and Hens’ is written as a character based adult comedy, and so the characters have to be larger than life. This is an ensemble piece; the cast are on stage for the majority of the play and so parts are of equal size. Ideally we would like people to audition for the show rather than specific parts but obviously, if there is a part you are particularly interested in playing, please let us know via the Audition forms.

The play is set in modern-day Liverpool, so a ‘scouse’ accent is preferable but not essential. The text will be adapted so the language will be slightly moderated but this is an adult show with adult themes and language. or

The Hens

Linda - The bride on her hen party - age 20’s-late 30’s, disillusioned with her life. The play revolves around her realisation that she wants to change her circumstances (be aware Linda has to be paired with Peter, and so age could change dependant on pairings for the parts)

Maureen – Linda’s friend, keen to please, a bit of a follower, very emotional, cries a lot. No age limit

Bernadette – confident, blunt, bossy, experienced, tells it how it is, (is married and has children) No age limit –but older than Linda

Carol – naïve, romantic, innocent, a dreamer – age 20’s-40’s

Frances – Linda’s best friend, sensible, supportive, loyal – similar age to Linda


The Stags

Dave – unconscious for the duration of the play – non speaking/moving part

Robbie – crass, cynical, confident, Eddie’s right hand man - aged 20’s plus

Billy – naïve, enthusiastic, eager to please – aged 18 +

Kav - artist, romantic, a quiet man with hidden depths – aged 18+

Eddy – pompous, big headed, misogynistic bully – aged 20+ possibly older than the others

Peter – confident, cool, trendy, has an air about him, definite stage presence - needs to be similar age to Linda (only appears end of act 1 onwards)


Roadie – male or female, minor speaking role – any age