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The Stevenage Lytton Players

By David Auburn

14th July - 17th July 2010
The Lytton Theatre Stevenage
Director - Michael Horne

Box Office:   0870 777 7619

The Stevenage Lytton Players Summer 2010 Drama Production was Proof performed at the Lytton Theatre.

“Winner of the 2001 Tony Award for Best Play and the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama”

What's It About
Catherine has spent the last few years taking care of her father, Robert, a mathematical genius of international renown. In his later years, Robert became mentally unstable and, on the eve of his funeral, Catherine begins to suspect that she has inherited some of her father’s instability along with some of his genius.

Catherine’s sister, Claire, arrives and, in the aftermath of the funeral, attempts to persuade Catherine to move to New York (although her motives for doing so deeply offend her younger sister).

During this period, an ex-student of Robert’s, Hal, has been allowed access to the great mathematician’s recent notebooks – all 103 of them. With Catherine’s help, Hal makes an astounding discovery which could change the face of mathematics forever. But who wrote this ‘proof’, and how can it be proved?

This is a modern, American play that asks an important question:

“If the line between genius and madness is so thin… how do you know which side you are on?”

It is a study of mental illness, how it is not always understood by family and how support can often come from strangers who see the person beneath.


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Audition Information

Ticket prices:  £8.50/£6.00c

Box Office: 0870 777 7619

Performances start at 7:45pm