Principal Characters
JOE: Sixteen, rough diamond but a diamond nonetheless
SARAH: Girl next door, slightly more middle-class background.
EMMO and LEWIS: Joe’s best mates, loosely related to him and taken in by Joe’s Mum.  The former is a big kid who would chase sticks if you threw them, the latter a more sensitive lad with a more exposed moral nerve.
BILLIE and ANGIE: Sarah’s best mates, sharp-tongued and sassy with their eyes on a way out of their lowly social beginnings.  Intolerant of males, except well-bred ones.
JOE’S MUM, KATH: Beaten down by life but never beaten, a heart the size of a house with a huge, feisty love for her family.  Irish. 
JOE’S DAD: A man of fun and spirit who married the right woman but took the wrong path in life, died as a result, and is now desperate for his son not to repeat the pattern.
REECEY: A smiling, charming, superficially likeable force of darkness.
MISTER PRESSMAN: Like Reecey, except middle-aged and in control of a large company.
Additional Roles to be played by ensemble
Act One
Page 1                         Dancing Couples 
Page 2                         Maestro 
Page 3                         Priest (No lines)
Page 4                         Skateboarder (no lines), Nun (no lines), party goers
Page 16                       Bartender Dave
Page 18                       Magistrate
Page 19                       Joe’s solicitor, Council solicitor, Youth Custody Officer
Page 22                       Schoolgirl 1, Schoolgirl 2
Page 23                       Mr Jesmond (Headmaster) sings solo, school kids, teachers
Page 29                       Careers Officer sings solo, Aunt sings solo
Page 30                       Shabby Uncle sings solo, Neighbours, Dog Man, 
Page 31                       Security Guards sing solos, Grandad sings solo
Page 32                       Clown
Page 33                       Heather
Page 35                       Boss of London Alarms sings solo, Sales Reps
Page 43                       Salesman sings solo
Page 49                       Callum Scottish student
Page 52                       Copper 1, Copper 2, Copper 3, various police
Page 54                       Policeman one of the above police
Page 56                       Prisoners, Copper, Prison Guards
Act Two Page 60 Dancing Egyptians and singer "Night Boat To Cairo" Page 62 Caribbean Combo sings Page 65 Priest returns form Act One but has lines this time Page 69 Julie sings solo Page 77 Clerk Of The Court sings solo, Barrister sings solo Page 78 Harper sings solo, Smith sings solo, Massey sings solo Page 79 Small time lawyer sings solo Page 87 Stallholder 1 sings solo, Stallholder 2 sings solo, Stallholder 3 sings solo, Stallholder 4 sings solo, various stallholders and people in market Page 90 Priest returns no line this time, onlookers Page 92 Judge   Plus a body double for Joe in tow scenes in Act One