Cast List

Chief Bromden – Bob Sage
Chief Bromden is the son of the chief of the Columbia Indians and a white woman and a pivotal role in the play. He suffers from paranoia and hallucinations and has received multiple electroshock treatments.  Everyone thinks the Chief is a deaf-mute, nearly comatose, and unable to interact but Mc Murphy suspects otherwise.

Randle Patrick McMurphy - Richard Absalom
The cocky convict and rebel-hero with his wild hair, boundless energy, loud mouth, foul language, pornographic playing cards, ready laugh and physical courage, McMurphy challenges authority in the mental institution.

Nurse Ratched – Allie Neal
The stiff, starched head nurse and antagonist.  Nurse Ratched’s every physical movement and facial expression is measured and contained.  She displays a frightening cruelty, all the more chilling for her calm delivery.

Dale Harding – Johnny Wing
An intellectual patient who has problems with his wife and his sexuality.  The thoughtful, articulate Harding is the leader of the ward until McMurphy appears.

Aide Williams – Tracy Saunders
The lead attendant.  Williams enforces Nurse Ratched’s rules and exercises authority through discipline.

Aide Warren – Luke Crouch
The second attendant.  He does Nurse Ratched’s bidding without comment.

Nurse Flinn – Sharon Curtis
The nurse who carries out Nurse Ratched’s directives.

Billy Bibbitt – Tom Beirne
A stammering, stuttering, suicidal young man with a fixation on his mother.  He attaches himself to McMurphy as a devoted follower.

Cheswick – Jaysica Marvell
Cheswick is very similar to or wants to be like McMurphy.  She is the first patient to support McMurphy’s rebellion against Nurse Ratched’s power.

Scanlon – Aaron Govey
The only acute besides McMurphy who was involuntarily committed to the hospital. Scanlon has fantasies about blowing things up.

Martini – Ashley Smith
An inmate with a dim, foolish smile and infantile manner.  He lives in a world of delusional hallucinations.

Ruckly – Ian Chambers
A chronic patient.  Ruckly was once an acute but has been turned into a chronic by a botched lobotomy.

Doctor Spivey – Peter Kirkby
The administrator of the mental institution.  Dr. Spivey is a calm & mature presence and expresses doubt that anything is wrong with McMurphy’s mind, but he defers to the opinion of Nurse Ratched, for whom he expresses the highest regard.  He and McMurphy create an interesting relationship by finding a joint love of baseball.

Aide Turkle - Kevin Grace
The night orderly in the mental hospital.

Candy Starr - Steph Crome
McMurphy’s pretty, easy-going girlfriend and prostitute.  She is loud and seemingly tipsy. The good-natured Candy is willing to go along with all of McMurphy’s schemes.

Sandy – Slava Budin-Jones
Another prostitute and friend of Candy Starr.  Less brass than Candy, she has a kinder demeanour.