THESEUS - Duke of Athens.  Mature male.

HIPPOLYTA - Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus.  Mature female.

EGEUS - Hermia's father.  Mature male.

HERMIA - Egeus's daughter, in love with Lysander.  Young female, dark hair.

LYSANDER - Loved by Hermia.  Young male.

DEMETRIUS - Suitor of Hermia.  Young male.

HELENA - In love with Demetrius.  Young female, fair hair.

PHILOSTRATE - Theseus's Master of the Revels.  Male or female.

OBERON - King of the Fairies.  Male.

TITANIA - Queen of the Fairies.  Young female.

PUCK - Or Robin Goodfellow.  Young male or female.

PEASELOSSOM - Female (12-16).

COBWEB - Female (12-16).

MOTH - Female (12-16).

MUSTARDSEED - Fairy.  Female (12-16)

PETER QUINCE - A carpenter; Prologue in the interlude.  Male.

NICK BOTTOM - A weaver; Pyramus, in the interlude.  Male.

FRANCIS FLUTE - A bellows-mender; Thisbe in the interlude.  Male.

TOM SNOUT - A tinker; Wall in the interlude.  Male or female playing male.

SNUG - A joiner; Lion in the interlude.  Male or female playing male.

ROBIN STRAVLING - A tailor; Moonshie in the interlude.  Male or female playing male.

Other Fairies - Attending to Oberon and Titania.

Lords and Attendants -  To Theseus and Hippolyta.

Mature male/female someone who looks older than 30.
Young male/female someone who looks between 16-30.
Male/Female - between 16-60. 

General Notes
Hermia is shorter than Helena but not a definite requirement.
All fairies will possibly be wearing leotards, even Puck.

Court in Athen's  - 1920's.
Woods - mythical - fairies to be based on Greek mythology

The Court - 1920's.
Mechanicals - clothes of their trade.
Fairies - Greek mythology.