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A Midsummer Night's Dream
By William Shakespeare

April 28th - May 1st 2004

The Lytton Theatre Stevenage

A Classic Play performed to perfection by a talented Cast.

Director David Slade.

The Stevenage Lytton Players Spring 2004 Drama Production was A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare performed at the Lytton Theatre.

"This day my oaths of drinking wine and going to plays are out, and so I do resolve to take a liberty to-day, and then to fall to them again. To the King's Theatre, where we saw "Midsummer's Night's Dream," which I had never seen before, nor shall ever again, for it is the most insipid ridiculous play that ever I saw in my life. I saw, I confess, some good dancing and some handsome women, which was all my pleasure."
Samuel Pepys, Diary, Sept 29th 1662

"You are always insane when you are in love.
Sigmund Freud

A Midsummer Night's Dream has inspired four hundred years of stories and pictures - from great artists to Walt Disney the image of fairies has been moulded by Shakespeare's tale.  Strangely enough some people have claimed the play is full of adult, immoral and occult content.  So what is it all about?

Ultimately, it's about love.  That four letter word that can fill your heart with joy or sadness.  It covers unrequited love to true love.  How love can conquer everything.

It's also about the human imagination.  Did everyone dream what happened?  Do the fairies exist?  Or are they conjured up by the characters imagination?

After tackling the tragedies of Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth the Lytton Players thought it was time to turn to a comedy and a comedy about love.  You can't get further away from the bloody Scottish tale than that.

Dave Slade who directed both the previous Shakespeare productions takes on the challenge (for himself) of doing something with a happy ending.

At time of writing the plan is to base the tale in the 1920's, but anything can happen over the coming months. We'll just have to wait and see.