The Stevenage Lytton Players performed Kismet at Stevenage's Gordon Craig Theatre from Thursday 20th September 2001, until Saturday 22nd September 2001.  Kismet is an Arabian Nights tale that includes love and adventure. We had a strong production team with Geraldine Johnson as Director, Graham Weeks as Musical Director and Linda Friis as Producer, and we gave a fresh approach to this challenging show, which was last performed locally 14 years ago.





A musical tale of grandeur, Kismet is an extravaganza, a musical pageant conjuring up all of the delights of the Arabian Nights, from the brilliant Bazaar of the Caravans to the moonlit gardens of Baghdad. It's a romantic story of a poet who becomes an emir in a single miraculous day.

Kismet weaves a lush tapestry of romance and melody around one fateful day in the life of Hajj, an impoverished poet of legendary Baghdad. Begging outside the Mosque, Hajj is kidnapped by a notorious bandit convinced that the poet cursed him with the loss of his son years ago. Tricking the credulous robber, Hajj returns in triumph to the bazaar with a purse of gold to shower on his lovely daughter, Marsinah, only to be arrested and brought before the evil Wazir. Saved from certain death by the Wazir's wife, Lalume, who plans a more entertaining fate for him, Hajj embarks on a dizzying series of adventures at court.

In the meantime, the young Caliph roams disguised through the bazaar and falls in love with Marsinah and she with him. Fate continues to play more tricks before the day is over and Allah's last prayer is sung.