Lead roles
These roles will involve solo singing throughout the show for a number of songs.

Joseph: (male/female)Title role and Jacob’s favourite son. He is honest and likable and has a talent for interpreting dreams. He must grow throughout the show into a confident leader.
Narrators x 2: (female) These characters tell the story and are on stage for most of the show, so the part requires energy, commitment and strong acting skills.

Supporting roles
These roles will involve solo singing/speaking in one or more songs.

Reuben: (male/female) Joseph’s eldest brother, needs good comic timing. He sings the lead vocal in ‘Those Canaan Days’ (Grace’s favourite song) and needs to be able to do a French accent.
Asher, Simeon, Benjamin, Judah, Issachar, Levi, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Zebulon: (male/female) Joseph’s other brothers. They all sing/speak solo lines throughout the show. They all require comedic acting and good team work. You also need to be versatile as many of the songs are performed in different styles; you may need to do a French, American and/or Caribbean accent.
Pharaoh: (male) A powerful ruler who is considered a god on earth and usually performed in an ‘Elvis’ style. Needs strong stage presence and a good rapport with the audience.

Cameo Roles
These roles will involve a small amount of solo singing/speaking.

Jacob: (male) Joseph’s father who sings/speaks a small part in the opening song. You need to be able to act much older.
Potiphar: (male) a powerful and rich Eqyptian who employs Joseph as a slave.
Potiphar’s Wife: (female) beautiful and scheming – should be a good dancer.
Butler: (male/female) a prisoner with Joseph – comic acting.
Baker: (male/female) a prisoner with Joseph – comic acting

All other parts including complex dancers will be cast from the Ensemble: Wives, Egyptians, Potiphar’s court, Go-go dancers, guards, calypso dancers, prisoners +more.