Ages are indicative and not absolute.

Henry Potterton
Solid, respectable senior policeman, probably in his 50’s. Large Part. Has a lot of lines, lots of costume changes and is rarely off stage.

Sarah Potterton
His sister – probably also in her 50’s. A supporting and much less demanding role but a lovely character who believes in ghosts.

Nora Winthrop
The ‘Housekeeper’ – probably 40’s – 50’s, retired from the “profession” she now manages. Nora is a pivotal part, creating much of the confusion and misunderstanding among the rest of the cast. Lots of linese.

Roger, the ‘Vicar’
Playing age from 30’s to 60’s. Medium part. Quite a few lines.

Mr Tunnicliffe, the Lawyer
Small, precise man (age, less relevant) – an ex-jockey! Smaller part. Spends much of his time on-stage hidden in a laundry basket so bear this in mind if this part interests you.

4 x Prostitutes
Ages are less relevant. These actresses need to look and act convincingly as ladies for hire. All must be prepared to be scantily clad (to some degree) some of the time, but this will be discussed prior to audition.

The busiest (and most scantily clad) part.

Another busy and equally semi-clothed lady.

Sally & Jackie
Less demanding roles. Fewer lines. In the main, get to keep more clothes on!