The Characters

All the characters, with the exception of Tuffy, are elderly. They are all American, so accents (preferably New York though not essential) will be needed and the ability and willingness to play an old lady or man is mandatory. Below is a quick pen sketch but obviously size and shape is just an idea. The first 5 characters are substantial parts the others do not appear until Act 2 and, whilst interesting and well drawn, do not have large tracts of dialogue. The script is littered with cracking one-liners and smart responses with a superb end to Act 1 requiring LaLa to sing a production number with the other ladies as her backing singers.

Eva Reisch: A matron from the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. Covets what furs and jewels she has left. Eva is very well-groomed, dressed in designer suits and sensible heels. She is highly strung and very dramatic.

Gladys Feinberg: She's a bit blousy and loud. Gladys is strong willed, a bit of a loud mouth and crass at times. She dresses in comfortable, sensible shoes, an oversized cardigan (her husband's) and loud print separates.

Anna Cinzano: Anna is a sweet and frail Italian lady who dresses in all black.

Rose O'Connor: Taller and a more handsome woman than the rest. Rose wears twin sets and pearls, trousers, and a raincoat.

La La Carmichael: A buxom full-figured woman, La La is a bit larger than life. She has a kind heart, but a bit off the wall and can 'dish the dirt with the rest of the girls'. She is a former professional, but not too successful, blues singer and will need to be able to sing Cole Porters “Miss Otis Regrets”.

Shirley: Shirley has a smaller frame than Rose and a few years younger than the other girls. She is mild spoken, practical, unassuming, and attractive.

Marvin: Gladys' husband and very much like her, ie; outspoken and loud.

Nunzio: Nunzio is Anna's gentle husband.

Richard: Eva's husband. Like her, very upper crust.

Tuffy: A handsome lad in his 20s, is La La's brother