A Selection of Photographs from the Production


Mrs Reece ... says her piece !



Really Mother, I see no reason for you to object to me playing tennis in the parlour ... after all we used to have a maid called Annette !



I 'ave to caution you Madam, that anything you say will be taken down and may be used in evidence should the recipe prove indigestible.



What Ho ! Pot of Tea Eh ?  Just the Ticket By Gad !



No point staring at me like that dear !  You know I don't know how to pour.  We'll just have to wait for the butler, that's all !



Now see here Felicity .. I mean Pawn.  It jolly well is part of a Butler's duties to clean up horse droppings, so just get on with it dear !



Felicity relives her youth in a very fetching little mini ...



... Whilst Thelma wishes she'd been in Sweet Charity instead of this ...



... And Gordon demonstrates future fashion with the assistance of some old Supermarket bags !



Come on Rose, let me have a go in the wheelchair now !



I could be happy with you !



All are rapt as Mr Goodbody reads out The Will.