Erpingham - Ashley Humphreys
Owner of the camp. Erpingham has a deluded self-belief and faith in tradition, order and Imperial hierarchy. This is a comic role played straight, mainly due to his arrogance sense of authority and naive moral compass.

Riley - Peter Kirkby Irish (Mayo) redcoat, ambitious and desperate to please; happy go lucky guy but lacking in experience or maturity.

W.E Harrison - Ian Chambers a senior member of staff, taking regular notes and feeding back to Erpingham, works alongside Mason.

Jenny Mason - Lesley Humphreys believes herself to be a professional musician (ability to play an instrument is not essential). Mason is a flirt, confident yet demure.

Padre - Bob Sage he has a close relationship with Erpingham. The Padre needs to be unnerving, possibly even grotesque.

Lou - Helen Dunlop
married to Ted, middle class, confident and pompous.

Ted - Andreas Georgiou married to Lou, middle class and self-confident with right-wing tendencies.  Mildly arrogant.

Kenny - Aaron Govey married to Eileen and stereotypically working class: bold, ignorant, violent, and stupid. A regional accent is preferable.

Eileen - Sam Rice married to Kenny, a darkly comic role, obsessed with being 4 months pregnant, feels she needs to be wrapped up in cotton wool. Idolises her husband and has similar violent tendencies. A regional accent is preferable.

- Gemma Davies, Jan McGrath, Nicola Sorkin.

Holiday Makers - Judith Cox, Duncan Townley, Debbie Woolley, Dave Woolley.