We do not require anyone under 16 for this show. American Accents unless stated.

Man in Chair
Main character, a ‘camp’ recluse who loves musicals – loads to learn (not really a singing role) – has to be able to connect with the audience, accuracy of learning the script is essential as he cues in most of the action and music.

Janet Van De Graff
Female, singing. A successful showgirl who is giving up the stage to marry her very rich fiancé. Would be good if you can do any of the following: cartwheel, high kick, baton twirl, juggle or do the splits!! You need to show off!

Male, singing. Show Producer – will do anything to stop the marriage so his show won’t fail as Janet is his leading lady.

Robert Martin
Male, singing. Ex Actor now Oil tycoon (Janets Fiance), typical handsome male lead, would be good if you can roller skate! and tap dance (not at the same time!!!).

Male, singing. His best man/Friend, also good if you can tap dance.

Female, singing. Janet’s Chaperone (tipsy most of the time, drowsy means ‘tipsy’). Excellent comedy role.

Male, singing. A bumbling Latin Lothario. (comedy role) – Italian accent.

Female, singing. A not so successful showgirl!! (a bit ditsy). Desperate to be star of the show.

Mrs Tottendal
Female, singing. Hostess of the wedding. (has to do a ‘spit take’, spitting water into Underlings face. Lovely character part, sometimes not sure what is going on – very sweet lady. (has a nice duet with Underling).

Male, singing. Her very unflappable English butler. – been employed by Mrs Tottendale for years.

2 Gangsters
Male, singing. Pun-happy thugs hired to make the sure the show goes ahead. Not a great deal of singing but good comedy roles.

Trix – An Aviatrix.
Female, singing. A smaller role but has a big song at the end of the show. (can be part of the company).

2 reporters (M or F) and a Superintendent (warden of the building (M or F) - to be cast from the company.