A Selection of Photographs from the Production


John Proctor, Ann Putnam and Giles Corey discuss the rumours of witchcraft, watched by Abigail Williams and Rev Samuel Parris.



The villagers, Tituba and Rev John Hale are shocked when Abigail confesses to dancing with the devil.



Elizabeth Proctor says goodbye to John as she is taken to prison.



The girls pretend that Mary Warren has sent her spirit out on them. Hale, Parris and the two judges Hathorne  & Danforth look on in shock.



Proctor, restrained by Marshal Herrick accuses Abigail Williams of harlotry, to the disgust of Deputy Governor Danforth.



Mary loses her mind and her self-control as Abigail denounces her as a witch as the judges and townspeople, including Francis Nurse look on.



As Proctor's fate is sealed, and Hale tries to persuade her to plead with him to lie and save himself, Elizabeth breaks down in tears and refuses to destroy her husband's name and honour.



The entire cast transported back to the 21st century