NODA Review

Violence, mugging, gang rape and the music of Beethoven, would this group of young actors be able to pull this performance off I asked myself when I sat down to watch A Clockwork Orange.

Well In my opinion, Anthony Burgess would have been proud. The stylized moves, the photographic projections on the wall and the well choreographed violent elements of the performance all added to the intensity of the emotion. Alex was well portrayed and sustained his accent throughout as did most of the other players. Discipline was excellent with the company on stage and in full view of the audience some 95% of the time. Scene changes were simple yet effective and costumes gave us a hint of an illusion being created.

This was an excellent piece of drama making full use of the acting space provided and capitalizing on the talents of this advanced Thursday Group. Well done to you all.

Thank you for your hospitality

Vicki Avery NODA