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The Stevenage Lytton Players
Stephen Schwartz's
Children Of Eden

23rd - 25th October 2008
The Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage
Director - Leigh Smith
Musical Director - Ben Wiles
- Claire Woodhams & Louise Airey

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Gordon Craig Theatre Box Office:   08700 131 030

The Stevenage Lytton Players Autumn 2008 Musical Production was Stephen Schwartz's Children Of Eden performed at the Gordon Craig Theatre

From the writer of Wicked and Godspell comes Stephen Schwartz’s musical masterpiece that depicts the creation of the earth through to the flooding. Schwartz himself insists that Children Of Eden is his best musical score with soaring ballads, enchanting dance movements and toe-tapping gospel numbers such as In What Ever Time We Have, In Pursuit Of Excellence, A World With Out You and Ain’t It Good


Act I
The Story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel
“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And God said let there be… LIGHT!”

God (or Father as he is referred to in this show) builds the earth based on a vision that came to him in a dream. He creates Adam and Eve and then creates the perfect home for them – The Garden Of Eden. Whilst Adam is content and loyal to his father's instructions, Eve is a more curious inquisitive young girl who asks many things, including questioning why there is a glowing tree on top of the hill in the distance. Father explains that the tree is the Tree of Knowledge and its fruit must never be eaten. Seeing that Eve is still transfixed with the tree, he tries to distract them by asking them to name the animals as portrayed by the storytellers. After that task is done, exhausted they fall asleep.

The Father looks over his children and sings Father's Day of his contentment and happiness at all that being a father brings and looks forward to a new day.

As Adam and Eve awaken, they realise that their love for each other is not that of brother and sister but of lovers and so become man and wife. Eve still fascinated by the Tree of Knowledge goes to the tree and is even more overcome by its presence close up. Watching Eve sing about the Spark Of Creation and how she has a burning desire for exploration in her soul, is a snake. He convinces Eve to pursue knowledge and eat the forbidden fruit of the tree in the song In Pursuit Of Excellence

After eating the fruit, Eve tries to trick Adam into drinking a new drink made from the fruit and this leads Father to expel Eve from the garden. This leaves Adam with a choice to make – stay with Father and have a new wife created for him, or leave his beloved garden in order to stay with his also beloved wife. Adam sings in “A World Without You” of how he cannot bear to lose either but ultimately chooses to leave with Eve and they take their first steps out of the garden and into the desolate wastelands.

Adam and Eve eventually settle and have 2 sons – Cain and Abel. Their mannerisms are an echo of their parents with Cain being like his mother and Abel taking the more grounded, resolute attitude of his father.

Cain longs for knowledge of the world and what it has to offer and he tries to convince his brother to embark with him on a journey in a bid to start their own lives elsewhere in the vast unknown – Lost In The Wilderness The Father (the boys' grandfather) who has been watching over the boys visits them. Whilst embraced by Abel, Cain declares that he will find his own destiny and needs nothing from his grandfather.

Adam learns of his son’s actions and curses him. It makes Adam look back to when his sons were young and he joins Eve and Abel in singing about their home life and how fulfilling it is living by their own means in Close To Home Cain returns home and says that he has found proof that they are not alone in the world – A Ring Of Stones. Wanting to discover more about who is out there and to belong to a bigger family, he begins to leave. Adam tries to prevent him from leaving and a fight ensues. Cain goes to attack Adam but inadvertently kills Abel.

Cain runs away from the scene but is found by Father who halts him and condemns him and his future generations to come by marking his forehead – “The Mark Of Cain”

We then join Eve decades later as she is close to death. She gathers her grandchildren together and sings of perhaps finally being able to return home …… to Eden.

Act II
The Story of Noah and the Flood
“And Noah and his family worked from sun to sun to sun, and said with this peg of gopher wood your ark o’lord is done!”

The storytellers open Act II telling the passing of a thousand years since Adam and Eve in Generations.

They trace the ancestral line of Adam to Noah and his three sons: Shem, Ham and Japeth who Father has ordered to build an ark, so he can flood the world to rid it of the race of Cain. Meanwhile, Japeth has fallen in love and great excitement is built as dinner is prepared and the family await the arrival of his new love – A Piece Of Eight. This excitement is soon shattered and outrage breaks out as Japeth reveals he has chosen Yonah, the servant girl who also happens to be a descendant of the race of Cain.

As Japeth storms off, the animals start to arrive to take their place on the ark. The family attempt to organise the animals in The Return Of The Animals

We then find Japeth apologising to Yonah that she can not come onboard the ark. She sings Stranger To The Rain which tells of how accustomed she is to being left behind. However, Japeth returns and insists that he will stow Yonah away on board until the rain has stopped and they realise the love they have for each other In What Ever Time We Have.

Now onboard the ark, the family are concerned that the rains will not stop as it’s lasting longer than the Father had said, and they fear for their lives as food is now critically short. Yonah believes that the reason the rain has not stopped is because she is onboard. She sends out a dove to find dry land during the song Sailor Of The Skies.

Yonah is discovered on board by Ham and Shem and a fight breaks out with Japeth. Yonah intervenes and tries to calm the situation down. Noah realises that he must now take on the role of Father and decide on the destinies of Japeth and Yonah.

Noah wants to be alone and in the song The Hardest Part Of Love sings of how difficult it is to be a father and that the hardest part of love is the letting go.

Noah calls the family together and declares that Japeth and Yonah will be sacrificed. As he acts upon his decision the dove returns with an olive branch. A celebration breaks out and everyone rejoices in light of finding dry land – Ain’t It Good

Finally back on dry land, the sons tell of which way they are going to travel and what they want to achieve. Japeth and Yonah announce that they will embark on perhaps the longest journey of them all as they set out to find Eden.

The sadness of the family splitting up is sweetened by the fact that this is a new beginning for everyone – In The Beginning.

Audition Information
Auditions are now completed.  Original information published as below.
Initial get together and first sing through – Wednesday 28th May at 7:45pm

Followed by pre-audition rehearsals as follows :

Auditions (Closed) are on Sunday 15th June – times as follows