Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Characters

I will also be selecting 2 small people to appear in some of the factory scenes as sweets, squirrels, candy bars and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. These will be non speaking parts but will require physical movement.

(Approximately 27 parts)

Some of the parts i.e. the grandparents will be played by adults however, I would like to use older youth for the parents of the children e.g. Mrs Teavee etc….. This doesn’t mean that older youth cannot audition for parts such as Veruca and Violet but I am going to have to match people carefully when casting. If suitable matches can not be found for any parents I plan to make the parts one so for example Mike Teavee might only have a Mother who will have all the lines. Obviously these decisions won’t be made until I have seen everybody’s audition. There are quite a lot of parts in this play but unfortunately there are not enough for everybody so the parts will go to the best people on the day!!!! For this reason the auditions will be tough so that I can get the best possible cast!!!!