Billy Crocker (M)
The male lead, Billy is a high baritone with comic ability aged between 18 and 35.There will be some light dancing involved and there is, naturally, plenty of dialogue. He is eminently likeable and needs to win the audience over, despite his rather mischievous nature.

Reno Sweeney (F)
The female lead, Reno is a mezzo-soprano with a belting voice aged 25-50 and playing about 40. She will be expected to tap-dance solo and to lead many of the company numbers. She has to be someone the audience laughs with, not at, and she has got a lot of stage time. She must be charismatic and able to convince the audience that she is friend to all.

Hope Harcourt (F)
The woman that Billy pursues is a New York debutante, which means she is young and has been groomed by her family to be married to a rich man. She is a soprano aged between 18 and 35, playing about 21. She sings one of the most beautiful songs in the show (Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye). Ideally, we are looking for someone who will be able to dance a little.

Moonface Martin (M)
A gruff-voiced baritone, playing-age between 30 and 60. This is a lovely character part for someone who will relish the idea of playing a gangster... Well, a not very dangerous gangster anyway!

Evangeline Harcourt (F)
Hope's mother, aged between35-60, playing 50. Although non-singing, this is an excellent character part for someone who will relish the part of the domineering mother. She must have good timing and be able to deliver lovely put-down lines. She must not have a fear of dogs...

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (M)
We're looking for a nerdy, posh, slightly eccentric and very British (tally ho!) baritone for this part. Aged between 25 and 50,playing 30-ish, we need someone who can convey both the toffee-nosed silly Lord and also the dark and mysterious Gypsy-blooded tango-dancing tearaway.

Elisha Whitney (M)
A great character part playing between 45 and 65. Whitney frequently appears drunk and is very near-sighted. He is Billy's boss and is forever trying to flirt with Mrs Harcourt so we are looking for someone who can play it big and keep the audience chuckling.

Erma (F)
A mezzo-soprano, Erma is the stereotypical gangster's moll, but with a sweet side that the audience will love. She has the last solo of the show, and it's a big number, so she will need to sing loudly and with gusto. Playing age between 20 and 35.

The Angels (F)
Although they hardly have anything to say, my aim is to give them a chance to show off their dance skills and acting by making them heavily involved in the two main production numbers.

Luke and John
Two Chinese converts who are exceptional card players. Very funny characters, these two are caricatures but they are very funny. Can be played by men or women as long as they can act male.

Captain and Purser
The two main ship's staff that we see, they appear in several scenes. There are several other characters, both singing and non-singing that will be cast based on the auditions, although they will not be auditioned separately.