The Stevenage Lytton Players
Anything Goes
31st October - 3rd November 2007
The Gordon Craig Theatre Stevenage
Director - Michael Horne
Musical Director - Mike Payne
- Emma Lovelock

Box Office:   0870 777 7619

The Stevenage Lytton Players Autumn 2007 Musical Production was Anything Goes performed at the Gordon Craig Theatre

The Story
Billy Crocker, a young Wall Street broker, stows away on the S.S. American, in hopes of winning the heart of his beloved, Hope Harcourt. His boss, Yale graduate Elisha Whitney, is also on board. He plans to relax before the complete, and profitable, sale of his own company's stock. Hope is on her way to England to be married to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, a stuffy, hapless British nobleman. Stowing away with Billy are "Moonface" Martin, a gangster labelled "Public Enemy Number 13," and his friend Erma; the two have disguised themselves as a minister and a missionary, respectively, after stranding the ship's real chaplain back at the port.

On board, Crocker runs into his friend, nightclub singer Reno Sweeney, who resolves to help Billy win over Hope, to the dismay of Hope's mother, Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt, who insists she marry Evelyn. Billy simultaneously learns the true identities of Moonface and Erma, and, in exchange for his silence, they join the plot to break up Hope and Evelyn. As the show progresses, Hope, Evelyn, Billy, Reno, Elisha, Mrs. Harcourt, Erma, and Moonface all end up in a variety of compromising positions with members of the opposite sex, with Reno even seducing and winning Evelyn Oakleigh!

Lots of other characters including the ship's crew, dancing entertainments committee and Reno's Angels make this a lovely, happy show for everyone who loves good ol' song-and-dance.

Character Information

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Audition Information
Auditions are now over and all parts cast, however the following is the information originally published

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