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Covid-19 Information & Resources

The Lytton Theatre is now a "COVID-secure" venue!

What does this mean?
Very simply, it means that we are now able to reopen the theatre to members, friends and visitors.

To declare ourselves as "COVID-secure" we have had to take several steps, per government regulations, including:

We have also removed all seating in the bar area to discourage socialising. We hope that this can change soon. Things will not be back to normal for some time but, by following these steps we are reopening from Saturday, 19th September 2020!

What CAN we do?

What we MUST do

What we CAN'T do

We have made every effort possible to ensure that we can reopen and function as a society. If you are not comfortable returning just yet, that's perfectly fine - we respect your decision, and hope to see you back soon.

We know that some of you may feel that these steps are "overkill" or entirely unnecessary. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but, to comply with government regulations, we kindly ask that you respect our rules.

Please remember that the situation may change at short notice. We will keep you updated via our usual channels (MailChimp, Facebook and our website).


As always, if you have any concerns, questions or feedback, please let us know.


Ross Edwards

Chair, The Stevenage Lytton Players